COVID-19 Policies
Due the recent uptake in COVID-19 🦠 cases in our community, we have returned to 100% curbside service.😷

We want to do our best to stay open in order to provide care for your pets, but in order to do so we need to minimize the amount of exposure our employees experience. We appreciate your understanding. ❤️🐾

What to expect during your pet’s curbside appointment:


When you arrive, please STAY IN YOUR CAR 🚗 & TEXT or CALL 📱the office when you arrive to CHECK IN


A team member will call you to get more information and obtain a thorough history for the doctor.

A vet assistant will escort your pet into the veterinary clinic. 🐕

When you see a staff member approaching, please TAKE YOUR PET OUT OF YOUR CAR and had over the carrier or leash to our vet assistant.

Please WEAR A FACE MASK even when you are in your car or standing outside our clinic. 😷

OUR STAFF will NOT enter your car to get your pet.

Maintain a 6 foot distance from our staff and other clients

The doctor will perform an examination and will call you to go over examination findings and any recommendations.


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Meet the Team

We are proud to uphold the high standard of care and reliability that Highline Veterinary Hospital has maintained throughout the years.

Dr. Shawna Wedde

Dr. Shawna Wedde is the proud owner of Highline Veterinary Hospital. She graduated from Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and has practiced in both Seattle and Tacoma. She is the loving momma of three fur-babies: two playful cats (MacDuff and Maurice) and one energetic labrador (Meda). You may find her at the beach or hiking the trails with Meda in the spring and summer. In the fall, she is likely in Pullman cheering on the Washington State University Cougars (Go Cougs!). In the winter, she is either snowboarding, touring local breweries or wineries, or hanging out indoors with MacDuff and Maurice.

“I can’t remember when I first decided to be a veterinarian, but I think it was before I could walk. Pets have always been an integral part of my family, and I strive to treat each patient with the same love and care with which I want my pets to be treated. I genuinely enjoy getting to know my clients and working with them to provide tailored care for their pets. As a practice owner, I can lead a team that feels the way I do about our patients and our clients. I feel so thankful to be the new owner of Highline Veterinary Hospital and to be a part of this community. I am excited to meet you!”

Dr. Patricia Greene

Dr. Patricia Greene is a 2018 graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. She is originally from Massachusetts but has lived in Washington state since 2018 and absolutely loves the west coast. She loves hiking, camping, trying new local beers, and her pets. She and her fiance Derek have 4 goons- 3 dogs and a bossy orange cat. Her dogs are Shelby (the most beautiful black labrador), Willie (a crazy but loveable Jack Russell terrier mix) and Happy (a devoted terrier mix), and the curmudgeon Milo orange tabby cat. Dr. Greene’s interests include internal medicine, dentistry, and ultrasonography. Dr. Greene’s favorite part of being a veterinarian is seeing the laughter and joy that pets bring to people. She can’t wait to meet you and your pets!

Get to know our staff!


Veterinary Assistant

Abby was raised in Washington and found her love for animals through fostering for her local humane society. After attending Washington State University, she decided to move to the Seattle area and join our team. When she’s not at the hospital, she is kept plenty busy by her cat and two dogs.


Veterinary Assistant

Allana graduated from WSU in May 2021 with a bachelor’s in animal science pre-vet, and her goal is to go to vet school. Allana loves the puzzle-solving that is involved since pets can’t tell you where it hurts. She has been horse riding since she was 5 years old and has owned a quarter horse named Zeke for 5 years. Allana has an Australian Shepherd named River and a border collie husky mix named Nyx that love playing with the water hose. Allana has achieved a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and was also an instructor for a year.


Client Service Representative

Auna was born and raised in Seattle. Since receiving her first puppy at eight years old, Auna has always had a passion for dogs. Now, at 21, Auna is an Auburn high school graduate and one of our valued client service representatives. When she is not taking care of clients and patients at the front desk, she spends time with friends and family. Auna has a goofy American Bully named Mr. Wick and a Pomchi named Sada Baby.


Client Service Representative

Cassidy has driven across the country working the renaissance fair circuit before deciding to settle in Seattle. After 4 years of experience with doggie daycares, grooming, and pet stores, Cassidy was a welcomed addition to our Client Service team. Cassidy’s favorite part of working at Highline Veterinary Hospital is working with animals and the wonderful crew. While Cassidy loves dogs, she knows that cats will always have her whole heart. She has one Blue Russian with a stubby tail named Lord Peety Stubbins and a Siamese mix named Yorisou Namisen, which means “Cuddle Squiggle.”


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Hali has been in veterinary medicine for more than four years, working alongside Dr. Wedde since entering the industry. She’s performed almost every job in a veterinary setting—from reception to emergency critical care triage—and is now one of Highline’s awesome Licensed Veterinary Technicians. She spends her free time volunteering for animal rescues and loving her own rescue babies, Harvey, Earnest, and Gypsum.


Veterinary Assistant

Katie began her career as a dog trainer, and after saving a dog’s life by using CPR in one of her classes, Katie realized she wanted to be in veterinary medicine. Katie is a certified veterinary assistant and loves being able to make a difference with patient care and client education. Katie always puts her patients first and loves constantly learning. Katie has 4 cats and a vocal German Shepard puppy named Ranger. In her free time, she loves to bake pies and is learning to bake bread.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Lindsay has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician since 2004. She worked with Dr. Wedde previously at another hospital and followed her to Highline Veterinary Hospital. Lindsay has a house full of animals: 3 fish tanks, 4 sugar gliders, 3 cats, 3 dogs, a mouse, a crested gecko, and fosters kittens for a local rescue. Lindsay is a self-proclaimed nomad and has lived in 6 different states.


Veterinary Assistant

Liz has always been the ultimate animal lover, and in 2018 she decided to make the switch to veterinary medicine. She has volunteered at animal shelters and rescues in her free time. She has a Pomchi named Chimichanga, an Australian Shepard named Indiana, two adorable cats, and two guinea pigs.